Delicious and fluffy pancakes, ready in a couple of minutes.

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200 gr – 8 004345 900027

How to cook in pan

In a non-stick pan of adequate size, put the pancakes still frozen. Heat for about 2 minutes over medium heat, turning occasionally. Wait 1 minute before consuming.

How to cook in toaster

Put the frozen pancakes in the toaster for about 2/3 minutes at a high temperature and in any case up to the preferred level of browning. Tempering times may vary depending on the model of the toaster. Wait 1 minute before consuming.

How to cook in microwave

Place the frozen pancakes on the microwave turntable without overlapping them. Heat the pancakes for the time below:
1 pancake: 30 seconds (650 Watt)
3 pancakes: 50 seconds (650 Watt).
Wait 1 minute before consuming.

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