Breaded shrimps


Tasty shelled shrimps in a crunchy breading.

Formats available
Weights available - EAN CODE

200 gr – 8 00434 5900096

How to cook in oven

Place the fried prawns still frozen on a baking sheet with baking paper. Put the pan in a central position in the oven ventilated and heated to 200 ºC and cook for about 13 minutes (cook instead at 220 ºC for about 13 minutes if the oven is traditional) taking care to turn the product in half cooking. Cook until golden brown and crispness are achieved.

How to cook in pan

Arrange the breaded prawns still frozen in a pan with plenty of hot oil, cook over medium/ high heat for 5/6 minutes, turning them often. Cook until the desired crispness is reached.

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